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The Girls I Babysit:

  • Carly: What are those? (pointing to my scars on my wrist)
  • Me: They're battle scars.
  • Anna: Cool! Can I have some?
  • Me: Please don't ever get some okay? But when you seem someone with them like the ones I have on their wrists go hug them. Don't ever make fun of them okay?
  • As we're walking around Wal Mart with both of them holding my hands, a young girl walks by us. Carly and Anna go and hug her. She hugs these two adorable little girls back
  • Girl: Why are you hugging me?
  • Carly: You have battle scars. *points to her wrists*
  • And through her tears she looks up at me and smiles.
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part of me wants to be seven and careless.
part of me wants to be back in your bed.
part of me wants to be forty and settled.
part of me wants to be dead.

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